We are looking for new faces

We are constantly looking for young girls and women, boys or even couples looking for a permanent job or just Brigade. To privacy and confidentiality, we place maximum emphasis. It does not matter whether you are a student, a student, mothers on maternity leave or working woman. This work is in addition to the main reception suitable as a brigade.

Successful model may be beautiful, have a perfect figure and a fabulous face, rather should have the ability to communicate a positive attitude towards the customer. Therefore, the work on live chat suitable for a wide range of candidates.

Due to the huge number of visitors Live cottage portals and their different tastes, you can almost say for sure that everyone finds his customer. Important is charisma, the charm of personality and creativity. The model must be able to take particular whether his personality and attractive appearance. Therefore, more than perfect appearance, appreciate your efforts to take the customer.

If you are interested in our offer Contact us and start earning today.

We are looking for Scouts

We are looking for clever young people in placement services for our online agency. Your task is to find suitable women applicants / candidates and provide them with basic information about the offered job. The rest will take care of us.

Your fee will be paid monthly. For each of the recommended model to get 8% of its total earnings. If you are interested in our offer contact us.

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  1. zaujimava ponuka, rada to vyskusam :)

    pridané od exotica22
  2. Úžasné niečo

    pridané od Natalia
  3. porozmyslam

    pridané od fico
  4. Zkusím to

    pridané od baculka408
  5. Som rada, že som na túto možnosť narazila. Som na materskej a s prácou je to dosť zlé. Už dosť dlho premýšlam nad tým, že by som niečo také zkusila. Idem do toho :)

    pridané od baculka408
  6. ahoj Rada by som to vyskusala ale aj s priatelom da sa to diky

    pridané od andrea
  7. Ako, pracovná ponuka znie zaujímavo. Ešte porozmýšľam.

    pridané od maťa
  8. Zaujalo ma to. Chcem vedieť bližšie informácie. O tom

    pridané od Katarína Višňovská

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