I have to have 18 years to so I could work for you?
Yes, it so she could work as live chat model, you need to have at least 18 years.
What is involved in Live Cam work?
This is a live performance in front of a web camera over the Internet without physical contact. Communicate with members – visitors Server in free chat, flirting with them and trying to take you to the private section – private chat. Once somebody takes into private chat, it becomes a paying customer and you receive money for every minute of his speech. In private chat sees you as a paying customer, or they may add another, which also apply. In private chat usually performs naked erotic show, even if they find customers who are only too happy to talk.
Who are our clients?
Clients operate under anonymous aliases that you created when you registered to our community through the Internet network. Our clients are mainly from USA, Canada or Australia, but there are many clients from Europe but also other Casio world. The vast majority of creditworthy clients are successful business people in the world who do not have the time or luck to a full relationship because of lack of time, or simply would such a man like you could not find in real life, so at least this way you want to fulfill your fantasy.
Live Chat is like a work of prostitutes or porn?
No way! Not come to any physical contact with customers, so it has absolutely nothing to do with protitúciou. Also, it’s not porn, because Live Chat is broadcast live, without any sexual contact. Getting off alone in complete anonymity and privacy, and you can only see a paying customer on its screen somewhere even halfway around the world. You simply present your beauty, your charm, and the art of flirting and cashed it for the money. Live Cam is serious business in Internet entertainment and is subject to strict rules preventing illegal activities and ensuring the best possible protection against misuse of personal data. The rules are even stricter than on portals such as pokec.sk or amateri.sk and compliance is monitored very closely.
How often do I receive your payment, and how much can I earn?
Is paid twice a month, and you get your first payment after the first two weeks of work. How much you earn, you’ll see in your stats from the very first hour of the live chat. For prospective models can be agreed advance payment after the first days of work. Regarding the amount of earnings, there are many factors that affect your earnings on Live Cam. From our experience we can say that if you smart, speaks English at a good level and live chat to spend at least 140 hours in a month, you’ll earn 1000 EUR or more. Of course, the first month it may be less if you previously never done this job. New models earn the first month of 600 – 1000 euros. After three of four months of work to get enough experience to create its own clientele and you can easily earn 2000 EUR a month. Our best models can even earn 4000 EUR or more.
What is the working hours?
Their working time who establish itself. You work when you want and how many you want. You can work basically anytime. Morning, afternoon, evening, possibly at night, during the week or on weekends, as the best suitable one needs and possibilities. Of course, the rule is that the more time you spend online live chat, the better chance you have to make a good run into new and emerging affluent customers.
Can I act together with my friend?
Yes you can. Just count by customers on Live Cam will require from you a lesbian show. The pair can earn more as a solo model but earnings will be split between you and your friend. If you’re not bi or lesbian, and such performance is not just to your liking, you can recommend a friend of our agency and get a financial reward.
Can I act together with my partner?
Yes you can. After creating your profile is common to you whether buted to work together with a partner, or you try each of you individually as a solo model.
I have a day job, can I work in the evening or at night or on weekends?
Yes. This work is not tied to any particular time, and it’s a great way to earn extra income to your fixed income. Even in some night times and weekends you have the chance to earn a Live Cam more than ever.
I have more than 35 but i look young. Can I work for you?
Yes, this is possible. After submitting the contact form to assess whether the throw for the job or not. On our servers, there is a category mature, the output of mature women. This category also has a lot of fans.
I am a student and I would like to work in the form of Brigade.
Work on Live Cam is for the students cut out. You can customize the working plan for your student to get a steady income to your studio. Money that you can earn with us, you earn on any other brigade. Moreover, this work can be carried out throughout their studies, unlike Odin, seasonal brigades.
I'm shy, can i do this job?
Shyness can be for a large group of clients even attractive. But as long as you do not allow your shyness to strip in front of the camera, this work is not suitable for you. Our agency worked several models that are initially very embarrassed, and over time developed the most successful. When your decision you can help the fact that performing naked in front of camera for an anonymous client from a remote country is something completely different to undress in front of someone live.
What else do I have to perform in live chat ?
Paying customer may request a withdrawal nude erotic show. Itself can be defined on what you’re willing to do, or demonstrate just dancing or even you use sex toys. The more you’re willing to show your team’s performance more interesting for the customer and is willing for you to spend more money. As control a perfectly English and a champion in flirting, you can earn a lot of money even mild erotica.
What if a customer wants me to do something I do not like?
You have several options. You write that it has never done, but you can try. You can openly refuse. Number of requirements that will ask customers may also be banned, because no other option than to refuse to be left.
Are not applying myself, but I know someone who is interested in this work.
As you recommend a model for our Live Cam agency with which close the contract, you will be paid a monthly fee to 8% of its total earnings.
My English is very poor, I can work for you?
Yes you can. Unless you’re willing to learn, you start with a fairly basic English. Our agency will provide you support in the early days when communicating in English so that you very quickly able to chat with customers on fundamental issues. Live Chat is even perfect opportunity to learn English very quickly. Models that almost nothing was in English, able to work after 6 months to live chat to communicate fluently. For those models that already speaks English, Live chat is an excellent way to verify it in practice and quickly get to a much higher level.

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